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The Online Film School Boot Camp is dedicated to providing a low-cost educational program to aspiring filmmakers to achieve a solid foundation of skills for independent filmmaking.


Mission Statement:

The Online Film School Boot Camp is dedicated to helping aspiring filmmakers develop the skills necessary to successfully organize and run an independent film set to produce their own motion picture productions.


Trent Duncan created the Online Film School Boot Camp to provide a solid foundation of filmmaking skills for young aspiring filmmakers or individuals seeking a career in film or video production. Since the entertainment industry is mainly a freelance business, there are very few guaranteed jobs for students graduating with expensive degrees from high cost technical schools. With the comprehensive knowledge of filmmaking taught by Trent in his Online Film School Boot Camp, individuals will have gained the basic fundamentals of independent filmmaking and can start perfecting their filmmaking skills while deciding if a technical school is the correct path for them.

What the Videos Teach:


The Screenwriting portion of the Online Film School Boot Camp will teach you the basics of a 3 ACT structure that is used in all Hollywood movies. It will teach you when and what to reveal to your audience in each ACT of the movie. The screenwriting video also explains character development, conflict, the stakes, transformational arc, and tips on Indie scriptwriting.



DIRECTING - Sample Clip
The Directing portion of the Online Film School Boot Camp teaches the role and responsibility of a Director on the set of an independent production. He is usually the creator of the project and is in charge of the overall concept, design, and implementation of the production. The directing video will explain breaking down the script, auditions, working with actors and crew on set, and post production.



The Production portion of the Online Film School Boot Camp teaches the planning and dissemination of all things involved leading up to and during a film shoot. Pre-Production is extremely important and it sets the tone for the organization and professionalism of the entire film shoot. The production video will teach you of the various important positions on an Indie film set, script breakdown and scheduling, technical scouts, auditioning, documentation, and set etiquette.



The Cinematography portion of the Online Film School Boot Camp teaches the role and responsibility of a Cinematographer on the set of an independent production. As a cinematographer, the entire picture quality rests on your shoulders. The cinematography video teaches basic camera functions, cinematography rules and concepts, responsibilities in pre-production and on set, and the basic concepts of sound.



The Lighting portion of the Online Film School Boot Camp teaches the fundamentals of 3-point lighting used by industry professionals around the world. Even though you may not have professional equipment at your disposal, this section is meant to showcases the uses of various lighting equipment, which will allow you to utilize and manipulate your own equipment to achieve similar results. The lighting video teaches 3 point lighting, various lighting techniques and concepts, and interior versus exterior lighting.



The Post-Production portion of the Online Film School Boot Camp covers basic editing techniques, Internet video hosting, and film festivals. Your project is almost finished, so make sure you wrap up all the loose ends.

The Online Film School Boot Camp provides an introduction to filmmaking so you can begin producing your own movies. I encourage you to continuously expand your knowledge with what ever sources may be available to you. ~Trent

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